Custom Luxury Home Builder in Kaukauna

Virtue Homes is a premier luxury home builder serving Kaukauna, WI, and the surrounding areas. With over 65 years of combined experience, our team of architects, designers, and builders is dedicated to creating custom luxury homes that reflect the unique lifestyles and preferences of each client. We take pride in our craftsmanship and passion for excellence, ensuring that every finished home is of the highest quality. Explore our portfolio to discover the endless possibilities for your own luxury custom home in Kaukauna.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home?

With Virtue Homes, our general timeline for custom home construction is as follows:

Lot Selection
1-3 Weeks

Design Build Plan
4-8 Weeks

Contract & Budget
4-6 Weeks

Rustic Elegance at Home

Home Construction
16-24 Weeks

Close Out / Move – In
1-2 Weeks

Kaukauna Custom Home Gallery

Kaukauna Spec Home Builder

For those who are not keen on designing and building a completely custom home, we offer a variety of high-end spec home designs to choose from. Our spec home floor plans are customizable, and often provide a great starting point for customization. Semi-custom homes are often the preferred route for anyone looking to fast-track the design process. 

Average New Home Price in Kaukauna

The average home price in Kaukana is about $380,000. But “average” isn’t what you’re aiming for. You want something special. At Virtue Homes, we have a deep understanding of the home design and building processes, and will do everything we can to build you the best possible home given your preferences and budget. If you’re looking to build a new home in the wonderful Kaukauna community, Virtue Homes is your go-to home builder.

Info for Green Bay Home Buyers

Kaukauna Average NEW Home Price (2022)$380,000
Kaukauna School Districts and SchoolsKaukauna Area School District
– Haen Elementary School
– Park Community Charter School
– River View Middle School
– Tanner Early Learning Center
– Kaukauna High School
Kaukauna Town Hall100 N Jefferson St., Green Bay WI 54301

Kaukauna Luxury Home Builder FAQs

A luxury home exceeds the standard expectations in homebuilding. In luxury homes. high-end features, materials, and amenities go beyond the common offerings of a typical home. Price, location, and privacy are also factors. 

Luxury homes are often in desirable locations or exclusive neighborhoods. They feature spacious layouts, high-end woods/marbles, custom cabinetry, and designer finishes. Luxury homes often have exclusive amenities, such as swimming pools, home theaters, wine cellars, home gyms, saunas, or spas.

When looking for the best luxury home builder, start with their portfolio and reviews. Does your vision align with their style and were past customers satisfied? Look for builders who have been certified by industry organizations, such as the National Association of Home Builders.

  1. Lot and location selection.
  2. Choose a luxury home builder.
  3. Go over budgeting and the blueprint.
  4. Obtain permits.
  5. Build the foundation, frame and install roofing.
  6. Utilities, electrical and drywall.
  7. Finishing touches and landscaping.

The best luxury home builder depends on your individual preferences, budget, and location. It’s essential to consider smaller, local builders who may offer more personalized services and better knowledge of the local real estate market.

Custom Home Design Process in Kaukauna

The custom home design process can take approximately 5-9 weeks with Virtue Homes. You can start with one of our 8 floor plans and completely customize it to your wants and needs. If you opt for a 3rd party architect, the design process can take double the amount of time. The process consists of an initial floor plan, final floor plans, pricing plans, and final construction plans.

In this essential first step, we work together on the initial first and second-floor plan drafts. Our focus is on nailing down the layout and flow, integrating your must-haves and wish list items. We review the plans until you’re satisfied, providing a clear picture of your home’s functionality.

Timeline with 3rd Party Architect: 4-6 Weeks

Once the layout is confirmed, we complete the floor plans and develop the initial exterior elevations, showcasing the stylistic appearance of the front and back of your home. Multiple elevation options are proposed to match your desired look and feel. This stage also incorporates interior design details such as moldings and railings, offering a sneak peek into the final aesthetic.

Timeline with 3rd Party Architect: 2-4 Weeks

Once the layout and style are set, we craft a comprehensive set of plans to solidify pricing. These plans encompass all structural elements, materials, fixtures, and finishes, providing a precise estimate. Our meticulous approach covers everything, from flooring to cabinets to light fixtures, eliminating any unforeseen costs in the future.

Timeline with 3rd Party Architect: 2-3 Weeks

Before breaking ground, we complete the final step: refining plans for permitting and construction. Adjustments are made based on pricing and input from building officials. This comprehensive plan includes structural bracing, sections, and all necessary details for your municipality to issue a building permit. With these detailed plans, you can confidently move into the construction phase.

Timeline with 3rd Party Architect: 2-3 Weeks

Kaukauna Custom Home Floor Plans

With several custom home floor plans to choose from, you’ll start off on the right foot. Whether you want to use one of our tested floor plans, tweak the design, or start from scratch, we’ll guide you every step of the way! We work closely with you to understand your vision, lifestyle, and budget to create a unique floor plan catered to you.

Our team of experienced architects and builders uses the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure your Kaukauna custom home is designed and built to the highest standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetics. From start to finish, we provide comprehensive project management services, including site analysis, budget planning, permit acquisition, construction supervision, and post-construction support.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create your perfect living space. Schedule a consultation with Virtue Homes today to start designing your custom home floor plan.

Home Design Tips & Trends

Our team of builders and designers have extensive knowledge of the latest home design tips and trends in Wisconsin, including popular architectural styles, color schemes, and material choices. Whether you’re looking for a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional, rustic aesthetic, we can help you achieve your desired style while incorporating the latest trends in home design. To learn more, check out our guide to 2023 home design tips and trends, or give us a call!

Custom Home Design FAQs

Custom home design refers to the process of creating a unique and personalized home, tailored to the specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle of the homeowner. You’ll work with an architect or designer to create a one-of-a-kind floor plan, selecting materials and finishes, and incorporating special features to reflect your personality and style.

  1. Personalization: With custom home design, homeowners are involved in every aspect of the home, from the layout to the finishes. You’ll love every corner!
  2. Quality: Custom home design involves working with experienced architects and builders who use high-quality materials and construction techniques. This results in a durable and functional home that’ll stand the test of time.
  3. Investment: Custom homes are built to a higher standard than mass-produced homes, leading to higher resale value. Custom homes can be energy-efficient, which can save homeowners money on utility bills in the long run.

The custom home design process typically involves several steps, including:

  • Initial consultation: A meeting with the designer to discuss the homeowner’s design preferences, budget, and project goals.
  • Site analysis: A thorough building site evaluation to determine any potential challenges or opportunities.
  • Concept development: The creation of a preliminary design plan, including floor plans, elevations, and a site plan.
  • Design refinement: The fine-tuning of the design plan based on feedback from the homeowner.
  • Final drawings and specifications: The production of detailed construction drawings and specifications.
  • Permit procurement: The obtaining of any necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.
  • Construction: The actual construction of the home, which is usually carried out by a builder.

Designing a custom home can be more expensive than buying an existing home or choosing a pre-designed floor plan. The design process involves working with professionals, such as architects and builders, to create a unique plan. Custom homes often use higher-quality materials and finishes, which also adds to the overall cost.

When choosing a designer for a custom home design project, consider the following:

  • Portfolio: Review the designer’s portfolio to assess their design style, approach, and past work.
  • Experience: Look for a designer with experience in the type of project you are planning, such as residential design, green building, or renovations.
  • Communication: Choose a designer who is easy to communicate with and responsive to your questions and concerns.
  • Budget: Consider the designer’s fees and make sure they fit within your budget.
  • References: Ask for references from previous clients to get an idea of the designer’s work quality and reputation.
  1. Define your budget upfront: Determine your budget before starting the design process and communicate it clearly to your designer to ensure the design fits within your financial constraints.
  2. Prioritize your needs and wants: Prioritize your must-haves and be willing to compromise on less important elements to save money.
  3. Consider cost-saving measures: Work with your designer to identify cost-saving measures that don’t sacrifice the overall design aesthetic, such as using less expensive building materials or optimizing the layout for maximum efficiency.
  4. Regularly review the budget: Regularly review the budget throughout the design process to ensure you’re staying on track and make adjustments as needed. Avoid unnecessary changes or additions during the design process that can add to the cost.

Kaukauna Basement Finishing & Remodeling

Transform your basement into a personalized haven with Virtue Homes, your specialist in tailored basement finishing and remodeling. From family rooms to man caves, bars to bedrooms, home theaters to gyms, offices to playrooms—we craft basements that align with your style and budget.

Our Kaukauna-based basement renovation contractors possess the expertise to bring your dream space to life. If you’re ready to start on your basement finishing or remodeling project, contact Virtue Homes today to schedule a consultation and turn your vision into reality!

Kaukauna Basement Finishing Gallery

Our Kaukauna basement finishing gallery showcases the best basement renovation projects in the area. From functional family rooms to state-of-the-art home theaters, the gallery features a variety of styles and designs to inspire your basement remodel. Take a look and be inspired by the possibilities for your own space in the Kaukauna basement finishing gallery.

Basement Finishing FAQs

On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $10,000 and $50,000 for basement finishing. The variability in costs is dependent on the materials selected, the size of the basement, and the level of customization. 

Typically, the basement finishing process entails:

  1. Design plan
  2. Framing
  3. Insulation
  4. Electrical
  5. Plumbing
  6. Flooring
  7. Finishing touches

On average, Kaukauna homeowners pay between $10,000 and $70,000 for basement remodeling. Like basement finishing, several factors affect the final cost.

While both terms are quite similar, a renovation refers to restoring your basement while a remodel creates an entirely new space. Renovations tend to be smaller projects than full basement remodels.

Basement Layout Ideas

Your basement should not be a gloomy, humid, and unused space. With Virtue Homes, you can have a basement that is perfect for entertaining guests and creating a snug atmosphere. You can enjoy watching your favorite football team in your customized home theater, design your dream office, or create an imaginative play area for children. The potential to create your desired space is limitless!

Basement Layout Ideas

  • Guest room
  • Additional living room/den
  • Home gym
  • Wine cellar/bar
  • Cinema 
  • Office
  • Laundry room
  • Wet or dry bar
  • Rec area
  • Craft room

Basement Finishing Process

At Virtue Homes, our motto is “sharp details, smooth finish.” Our business prides itself on creating hassle-free, easy experiences for our customers. View our testimonials to see for yourself!

Step 1:


We will start with an in-home consultation to go over your budget, your vision for the basement, and any functional needs you have.

Step 2:

Project Plans &

Our team will then draft up the plans for your basement finishing project, as well as the design-build specifications.

Step 3:

Proposal & Scope
of Work

You will then receive a cost proposal and detailed scope of work for the basement finishing project.

Step 4:


(Upon Approval)
When you’ve approved the proposal and scope of work plans, we will get the project underway.

Contact us to get started on your dream basement.

Home Lots for Sale in Kaukauna, WI

Kaukauna offers a range of available residential home lots for those looking to build their dream home. With a variety of sizes and locations to choose from, there is something to fit every need and budget.

Kaukauna, a charming city located in Wisconsin, provides ample opportunities for those in search of the perfect lot or land to build their dream home. With a variety of lot sizes and locations to choose from, finding a solution that fits your needs and budget is effortless. Contact us for available home lots for sale in Kaukana.

Popular Subdivisions in Kaukauna

CitySubdivisionNearby Schools
KaukaunaHurkman Heights 3– River View Middle School
– Kaukauna High School
– Haen Elementary School
– Park Community Charter School
KaukaunaJackson Place– Kaukauna School District
– River View Middle School
– Kaukauna High School
KaukaunaRueden Ridge– Kaukauna School District
– River View Middle School
– Kaukauna High School
KaukaunaWildlife Heights– Kaukauna High School
– St Aloysius Elementary School
– New Directions Learning Community
– Park Community Charter School
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